Pose Problems for Shelters

When you hear the phrase “kitten season,” your mind may conjure images of sweet, fluffy kittens happily romping around on a sunny day. And of course, kittens are that cute. The real situation isn’t sweet at all. For shelter workers, kitten season can be the very worst time of year. Kitten season is the period […]

Grants Offer Hope for Pets

A look at our favorite turnaround stories from our Animer program Animer Emergency department is on call 24/7 to help pets in need. By assisting in both natural and manmade disasters — including puppy mills, dog fighting and hoarding cases — we’ve helped more than 200,000 pets since the program began in 2007. Our grants help […]

5 Ways For Pet Homelessness

Many pet lovers know that overpopulation is the greatest challenge facing pets in the U.S. An estimated 7 million pets enter U.S. shelters every year. Just over half of them get adopted. No matter how many times we read the numbers, it’s hard to think about all those pets who don’t find homes. But together, […]

Keeping Pets Healthy

With contributions from Animer Charities Roving Reporter, Shannon Bowen The scene is bleak in some areas of Los Angeles, where there are more homeless pets than any other city in America. Cats and dogs roam the streets — but, increasingly, they’re not alone. In many neighborhoods, free pet clinics stand alongside those homeless pets. Filling a […]

How to Stop pets Pulling Leash

We all have that friend, relative… or rival who walks their dog with expert leash-wielding skills. They aren’t being pulled down the block, tied round trees or tangled up with the friendly neighbor dog who’s also out for an afternoon stroll. I don’t know about you, but I silently envy the person and pet that […]